The Gaeltacht Experience 

The only recognized Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking area) outside of Ireland, our Gaeltacht provides a unique opportunity for immersive learning. Classes are offered at every level, from children and adult beginners to fluent speakers with an emphasis on immersion, inside and outside the classes! 

We offer small class sizes with the benefit of personal support for learners from teachers. It is our goal that every learner will be at ease practicing and speaking Irish in a relaxed atmosphere. 

This year, we'll be offering a unique opportunity for immersive learning with teachers from Ireland, and with two classes and a workshop each day through video chat!


As a result of COVID-19 the Canadian 2020 Oireachtas will be held online as part of the Irish Language Immersion week.

10-16 August 2020

As a result of COVID-19 the Gaeltacht immersion week will run online this year.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule Mon - Fri
11am - 1pm (Eastern Time): Online Classes
2:30 - 4 pm (Eastern Time): Workshops 

Monday, 10: History lecture or "Online tools of Irish learning and maintenance"
Tuesday, 11: Shillelagh Stick-Fighting or Storytelling
Wednesday, 12: Shillelagh Stick-Fighting or Poetry
Thursday, 13: Sean nós or Storytelling
Friday, 14: Sean nós or Poetry

Registration and Fees

Full package includes online classes, workshops, 
and social events. 

Full package: $85
Student or Financial Harship rate: $50 
Daily rate: $20