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About Us

Welcome to the website for the North American Gaeltacht (Gaeltacht Thuaisceart on Oileáin Úir). Our mother organization, Cumann na Gaeltachta, was founded by Séamus Mac Concharraige in 1994. Our Gaeltacht site, in Tamworth/Erinsville, Ontario, was opened officially on 16 June 2007.

Summer Immersion Week
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10 - 16 August 2020


15 August 2020

What is the Gaeltacht?

The Gaeltacht is the collective whole of those areas in which Irish is spoken as a community language, and in which the culture and traditions of the language are very much alive and thriving.

What is Our Aim? 

The Aim of Cumann na Gaeltachta is to establish and maintain a Gaeltacht in North America.

General Objectives of the Gaeltacht 

Here is the document that list all the objectives that guide the establishment of the North American Gaeltacht.

Planning a Trip to the Gaeltacht in Ireland?

Have a look at the Travel Log of the "Gaeltacht Gathering Tour" made from the North American Gaeltacht to The Gaeltacht in Ireland in 2013 (here).  Courtesy of Tony Dunbar.  

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